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Welcome to Twit Twoo Tattoo

Award Winning Studio


Edinburgh based tattoo, piercing & body modification studio, Twit Twoo Tattoo est. 2012. 

Phone today to arrange a consultation with any of our artists, or to book for a piercing procedure.

'We aim to provide a high standard of top quality work not just for serious tattoo and piercing collectors, but for those of you new to the industry.'


‘The work speaks for itself’


Although the studio offers all themes and styles of tattooing, as you look through each artists’ profiles and galleries you will find each of them have their own strengths and styles which are visible in their work.

'Our artists work very hard to provide every client with the best tattoo they could have hoped for and we are confident that when our customers leave with a one off piece, that has been carefully designed and professionally executed, they will continue to use and recommend our services in the future.'





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